In August, I received a telephone call just after I finished my summer newsletter. The teacher that was to teach 1st and 2nd grades had decided to leave. Thus there was no teacher for those grades. The question was: would I be willing to help them until they could find a teacher. I decided to say yes but not until September. They had the children stay home and gave two weeks of materials to the parents to teach. Then a homeschool mom took over until I could arrive. A young lady that just graduated from high school, was willing to do the afternoon classes so the mom could leave at noon. Because we are finding she is a natural teacher, I am getting the class in order and will student teach her to take over January. Pray for wisdom to know how to direct her. Pray for more teachers to teach our Missionaries’ children. Next year we will need teachers for two classes as more retire. Help us by passing the word around!
Teachers Needed!