On the road, all day long, we prayed, and once again holding His hand, stepped out of our comfort zone, and talked to people who had expressed interest in supporting us, and asked them, if we could be so forward as to ask how much they were planning on supporting us. For us this was so uncomfortable, but God has a body to do His work and, wow did we start see it working together yesterday. From a sweet family, to a couple that randomly picked up our prayer card when visiting the training, to wonderful hosts, to people who had planned meetings for us, these people stepped beyond themselves, and decided to trust God, in new ways, to provide for them, so that they could be a part of reaching people in Mexico, by supporting us. What a humbling amazing and “all the Glory to God” experience! By the end of the day we were at 71.7%, and only need $204 more for 75%. We know we can trust God to keep working!! To keep holding our hand and leading us step by step. Even to get us to 100% of our recommended support. For that we need $1762 more, our God is so great, and can do this, isn’t it awesome that He allows us to be a part of His work? That He cares enough to take time to build us up bit by bit, and stretch us, and give us the strength to not faint when we feel like we can’t go on. How great is our God!!