May Praise and Prayer
Praise: 1. for the spiritual growth of many Dom believers. We see real change in their lives. 2. for the enthusiasm among the Dom church for the Dom New Testament. 3. for the sustaining grace of the Lord for these last four years. 4. that our Dom Christian brother, Martin, who has battled oral cancer for nearly two years seems to be in remission and doing well. He is the main teacher at one of the outreach villages. Prayer: 1. for us that we can get all things done before we leave the Dom at the end of June. Much to do until then. 2. for Jim as he is having reoccurring urology problems. For the moment it seems to have settled down but pray that the medicine will keep things working properly and when we get home we can better deal with things. 3. for our coworkers, the Wuest, Gerolf, Mailis, Richard and Christian. They are on home assignment in Germany and looking after Gerolf’s mother who recently had surgery. 4. for our Dom Christians that they would continue to meet and fellowship, study and learn from the Word after we are gone.