Our Whole Family Together – Ruth, Jack & Zander; Sarah; Enjoying Authentic Mexican food in Boston All done with Naomi’s MRI! Hanging out with Uncle Nate @ Swans Boats in Boston Jacob & Beth, Naomi & Jonathan; Grandma & Grandpa Jacob enjoying time in Nova Scotia (notice the black forest behind him from the big fires) Nannie and Poppie came to MA – Doing some shopping Back in PNG – First day of 5th grade and 1st grade! Dear Friends and Family, Airplanes & Airports, Brisbane, Boston, Buses, Boats & Busyness, Cousins & Clarinets, Church & Community, Cooking in Canada, Delicious Food & Dynamic Shopping, Family & Friends, Grandmas & Grandpas, Incredible Acts of God & Ice Cream, Larabars & Lakes, MRI & Mammogram, Medical & Mission Meetings, Memories & Maple Syrup, Nathan & Norwex, Playgrounds & Picnics, Swimming & Surprises, Suitcases & Slumber, Tanglewood & Togetherness and Waiting & Walking Those are just a few words that describe our four week trip to the US and Jacob’s six days in Canada. Our whirlwind trip has been successful in many ways! We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness to us in the last few weeks. Beth’s mammogram came back clear. Naomi’s four annual/bi-annual appointments were completed. We were not expecting the MRI to show any extra melanin in her brain because two years ago the doctor told us that it was clear. But apparently as a child gets older, it is harder to see the lesions in the brain so the MRI technician in 2021 did not see the three lesions. But this MRI technician saw the same three lesions that have been evident on all the MRIs that she had in Brisbane each year as a baby/toddler. We had hoped that this would be Naomi’s last MRI because we thought it would show clear results. But this was not the case, so we were disappointed. But we are also encouraged because Naomi has no side effects due to the lesions. They are not changing at all but they have remained exactly as they were when seen at 6 months. For this we are very thankful! In two years we will head to Brisbane for another MRI check up. After a hard year, we were happy to see family at home. Jacob was grateful to be able to take the CAT Ferry up to Nova Scotia and see a lot of friends and family over the Canada Day weekend! He enjoyed visiting our Canadian home church and meeting a new church family that has started supporting our work here at the guesthouse. He was amazed by God’s provision to spare his parents house from the wild fires. And he saw many people near his parents home busy rebuilding. Green grass and green leaves are starting to become alive again! We enjoyed having Jacob’s parents in MA for a few days as they came with Jacob on the ferry. We also were happy to be able to see Beth’s sister and her boyfriend and nephews from Nevada. We actually had our entire family together for the first time in many years! Our trip back to Papua New Guinea went smoothly except when we had to run to our last flight, but we made it just in time! We enjoyed the company of some fellow co-workers who happened to be traveling at the same time, including Naomi’s soon to be 1st Grade Teacher. School started today and the kids are excited! Jonathan is in 5th grade and Naomi is in 1st grade. And this year there are enough teachers to teach the extra subjects like Art, PE, Drama and Technology for the Elementary grades. So instead of school finishing at 2 pm like last year, the kids will go to the normal time of dismissal, 2:45 pm. This will be a new thing for our family, both kids in school all day every day of the week. The citizen ladies at the guesthouse did a great job running the daily operations of the guesthouse while we were gone with the help of a co-worker missionary on the weekends. And we heard high praise about our driver, Kiso, as well. He did a great job with all the airport runs as the ladies gave him instructions. We were impressed with how well they handled everything as we heard from them via WhatsApp messaging and video in the evenings in MA. We are slowly getting caught up with life here in PNG. And we look forward to getting into a good routine with school, homework, guesthouse, and Jacob’s maintenance work very soon. Thank you for praying for us! Praises! • Maliyali missionaries finished another literacy program with the Maliyali people and have handed the literacy program over to the people. • Smooth travels to the US/Canada and back! • Encouraging and Memorable time with family and friends at home. • Good medical reports for Beth and Naomi! • Jacob was able to help our parents at home with different projects. • A huge portion of our finances needed for the tickets to return home has been paid! (91% paid!) • Good change of pace and rest in the US and here in PNG this summer for school break! • The citizen ladies at the guesthouse maintained the cleaning of apartments, cooking meals and welcoming guests while we are gone. • A God who loves us so much He continues to guide us in our steps day by day and moment by moment. • A God who sent His Son to die for our sins and rose him up so that we could have abundant daily life and REST in Him. • God’s continued provision for our needs moment by moment! Prayer requests: • Wantakia believers as they teach the youth through the chronological teaching. And the missionaries (Sanders, Crabtrees and Hambrices) in there as they continue to disciple the people. • Missionaries in Kuyu (DeValves, LeBlancs and Ames) as they spend their first year in the tribe learning the language and culture of the Kuyu people. • That God would prepare the hearts of the Kuyu people for when the missionaries are able to teach His Word in their own language. • We are short in the medical clinic! Please pray God will send another doctor to our clinic! Watch this to find out more: We Wouldn’t be Here • Wisdom & safety as Jacob works on varies projects around NTM centre and the Guesthouse. • Wisdom in discussions as Jacob and others talk through the best way to organize Tech Services and the Maintenance department, where Jacob is training the citizens in carpentry. • Provision of the rest of the finances needed for Jonathan’s treatment to correct his jaw. • Provision of the rest of the finances needed for our tickets home to the US. (91% paid! Just $950 left to pay!) • Provision of the finances to pay for medical expense for Naomi and I that the insurance won’t cover. • Beth’s Canadian Permanent Residency card would arrive in the mail soon. Beth filled out another form and sent in another photo for the ID. • Good change of pace and rest for us during this school summer break. • Finances to become 100% supported… we are in need of only $270/month which is only about 10 people giving $25 a month or about 5 people giving $50 a month. • That we would remember that God holds everything together including us! And He is working all around us. • Rest in God as we enjoy being parents! • God would continue to raise up more missionaries to come to the PNG and bring the Gospel to those who have never heard it their own heart language. • More laborers to minister to the Bena people.