1. It’s interesting to see pictures. Was it all like you guys were expecting? I usually try not to imagine what a place will be like so that I’m not too surprised, but I didn’t do that in your guys’ case and I must say I’m a bit surprised. I guess I was expecting the capital to look a little less third world. But I am excited for you guys. I must say one advantage to living in a country that was controlled by the French is the excellent pastries and breads. =)

  2. Love it! Love the pictures, love the info, love the apartment:) So by “hot” what sort of temperature do you mean? Humid or dry?
    Gray randomly asked about Ethan two days ago. Nathan’s wanting us to get a globe so that we can explain “Africa” better to her. Any excuse to clutter the house up with more educational nerdiness. In the good news column, she can pronounce ‘Africa’ quite well. And she is loving the toys that “Ethan, Tyler and Jared” gave her:)
    And in solidarity, I’m going to make an effort to post once a week as well – staying close goes both ways.

    Too early to say we miss you? –
    the orrisons

  3. Love the chain countdown for grandma and grandpa! That is awesome and I’m sure getting to see them will be so comforting with all the changes for the boys. Loving the open feel of your flat and the PILE of bags! I can’t imagine how you packed everything in that much space.

    I know you are busy just adjusting but we love to hear more so tell us more when you can!

  4. Hoooray for pictures!!!! Thanks for posting! Love seeing what you are seeing! miss you guys already!!!

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