We are enjoying some moisture here in our area! It should help our garden and grass to turn greener! We have some exciting news, and some great answers to prayer! Thank you so much for praying for us and being a part of our Team!! How we value you and your care of our family and ministry! Hector and Amy are hoping to be on their way to Mexico in the next couple of months. They still need to see their support climb a bit higher. Elena got her dual citizenship today! She is officially American and Mexican. Hector has his appointment for his Biometrics next week, then they can begin processing his US citizenship application! It seems a lot to happen in a short time, but God can do it!! God has provided a new job at an engineering firm for David. He starts next week. It kind of dropped in his lap! He has begun taking Engineering classes at Daytona State College, and this new job will probably pick up on his school bill! Pretty exciting news! Beka and Cody have been accepted as members of Ethnos360, and May 1, 2019 begins their official membership with the mission. Cody passed his flight evaluations, so in August they will be moving to Arizona for a time of Flight training geared for landing and take offs on Tribal airstrips. Baby Abishai Burns is growing so quickly. He is such an alert little guy! He’s a keeper! You can see cute pictures on Beka Burns' Facebook page. Pray for Beka and Cody as they learn lots of new things, being parents! Please pray for George's Mom and Dad and their continuing health issues. Dad is back in the hospital again after being out 1 week the last time. He was supposed to come home today, but had some issue with his "Equipment" and will probably not be able to go home yet. These changes are upsetting to Mom, and Dad is not real fond of them either! Thanks for praying. The rest of the family is doing well. We are so thankful we are all living pretty close to each other. We don’t see Tim as much as we would like, but we do text often. We are so thankful to hear today that one of our Brazilian Missionaries who was lost in the Amazon jungle has been found. He was missing over 96 hours after going on a hunting trip with the people he lives and works with. He got turned around and was lost. A Search and Rescue boat happened to stall out on the river, and when the engine was silent, they heard a man yelling for help! It was Valdmir! YAY! Praise the Lord, God kept him safe. Let’s remember that when the engine stalls out on our “vehicle”-God probably has a reason for it, and if we listen, we can probably be a blessing to another person! Listening for His direction! George and Linda Heckman