November, 2021 BURNS NEWS View this email in your browser Thankful Hearts... We, probably just like you, just recently ate our way through another Thanksgiving Day! Being thankful is something we have reason to be and should be, every day, not just on the third Thursday of the eleventh month. As the door of November 2021 has already shut tight, never to be opened again, and we enter the Christmas season, we are thankful that God sent Jesus to take our place, that He endured our punishment and died the death we deserved because of our sin. We are thankful that He gave us His righteousness so that we could be accepted by God and, even today, Jesus is in heaven pleading our case with His Father, each time we fail and sin. We are thankful for the house we live in and the neighborhood where it is located. We have been working to remodel it all of the 17 years we have lived here. Seems when there is time, there is no money, and when we have money, there is no time! Just finished stuccoing the back wall due to changes we have made updating windows and because the previous owner never finished it.